SleeProne and Ziesta Deliver 3+ Hours of Snug, Well-Ventilated, Face-Down Rest.

For hundreds of millions of people, that's a BIG deal!  Why?

  • Unique ergonomic design enables a full three-hour sleep cycle when seated or laying prone, which was heretofore almost impossible without discomfort and physiological risk.    

  • Both face-down seated, and prone cradling for extended periods of clinical treatment have historically been elusive and/or prohibitive.

  • A compact design simplifies storage and overall usability. 

  • We provide new sleep options to the public, significantly addressing the pandemic of sleep deprivation and morning pain.

  • Excellent engineering makes the products so inexpensive that they can be economically sent home with clients

  • Broad adaptability simplifies repositioning to relieve pressure points, without changing beds, for users at risk for bedsores