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   Ziesta Desk Pillow for Rest while Sitting

   SleeProne Instant Platform for Prone Sleep

best portable pillow for extended face down, prone position, proclining, belly sleeping. Prone Sleep has been recommended as therapy during surgical recovery after back surgery, spinal surgery, neck surgery, shoulder surgery, severe snoring, obstructive sleep apnea. Prone positioning has been sometimes recommended for back pain relief, neck pain relief, shoulder pain relief, portable massage, morning pain relief. Be less tired,  Get more sleep.  Best Face pillow for extended nap. Conformal design face pillow for nap on desk, table.  Inconspicuous and lightweight travel pillow, Stable face e down position     

Extended Prone Positioning & Face Down Sleep

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SleeProne is a set of pillows that allow extended comfort while resting in the face-down “prone” position.  Key features include:

Natural position - spine-neutral body positioning minimizes neck & back strain; virtually no pressure on your tummy, breasts, & shoulders  

The amazing Ziesta face pillow for splendid free breathing & comfort

Light weight; small footprint; high quality material; durable; matching pillow cases are available

High adaptability to special needs.

Quick setup & easy storage.  

SleeProne - Convenience and extended comfort for resting in the prone position

Suitable for clinic & home usage when working with chronic back, neck & shoulder issues  

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Don’t Be Sleepy! Rest at a Desk, Table, Travel Tray - Whenever You Need a Nap

Ziesta is an amazing pillow for when you can’t lay down. Though small, Ziesta is comfortable for extended use. Nap anywhere; anytime.  Easy to carry & store. You choose when it is time to nap.  Excellent for Students & Travelers.


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Ziesta - perfect face pillow for seated sleep

Power Nap anytime with this unique pillow. Fall asleep quickly wherever you can put your head down.

Ziesta: good rest at work, school & on the road

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SleeProne & Ziesta

for Face-Down Positioning, Power Naps & Prone Sleep.

Face-down Resting & Prone Positioning at Home, Office, Clinic, or In Transit   

Are Now More Comfortable, Convenient & Inexpensive

With precise conformal cushioning, SleeProne & Ziesta allow you to get the rest needed to be at your best.  Quality of sleep affects many facets of life, & VivaFina aims to keep you well rested.

NOTE: Please involve medical advisors if you are experiencing sleep problems.  

Review our “Enemies of Sleep” page for info & links about sleep, and the danger of sleep deficit.         

Top Performance Comes From The Well Rested

We need more sleep! Ziesta & SleeProne open new possibilities for rest by uniquely addressing the natural barriers to face-down sleep.  Conformal fit, choice materials, low price, excellent ventilation, & compact size make us the best available device for many applications.  

Great Ventilation & Extended Comfort


Face Pillow

Chest Support

Includes Relief For Large Breasts

Hip Supports

Right Leg

Left Leg

(Relief Area For Tummy, Free Breathing & Genitalia)