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   Ziesta Desk Pillow for Rest while Sitting

   SleeProne Instant Platform for Prone Sleep

best portable pillow for extended face down, prone position, proclining, belly sleeping. Prone Sleep has been recommended as therapy during surgical recovery after back surgery, spinal surgery, neck surgery, shoulder surgery, severe snoring, obstructive sleep apnea. Prone positioning has been sometimes recommended for back pain relief, neck pain relief, shoulder pain relief, portable massage, morning pain relief. Be less tired,  Get more sleep.  Best Face pillow for extended nap. Conformal design face pillow for nap on desk, table.  Inconspicuous and lightweight travel pillow, Stable face e down position     


An amazing new face pillow for clinical, travel, office & school use

Convenient, Durable, Inexpensive & Super-Comfortable

Take a refreshing nap anywhere!

Review our “Enemies of Sleep” page for info & links about sleep, and the danger of sleep deficit.

WARNING: Consult medical advisors if experiencing sleep problems, or if considering supported prone sleep as part of therapy or recuperation.


NO GIMMICKS HERE:  Top quality material & careful physiological contouring have been captured in large metal molds, resulting in unprecedented levels of comfort and affordability.

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Place Ziesta face pillow, chest support & two hip supports approximately into position.

Lean forward & descend onto hip & chest supports, then fine tune position. Place the chest support as high as possible without impinging on the trachea.

Relax into Ziesta, & adjust for best face & neck comfort.   (Forearms are pictured resting backward to illustrate Ziesta, but normally rest forward for better comfort.)     

Besides the above, Ziesta excels as a face pillow for seated clients in scalp work, etc., & for desk & travel naps.   

 INTRODUCING:         SleeProne:

A comfortable & economical prone positioning system for home & clinic

Up to 3 hours of continuous usage!

Instructions for Use: