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  Ziesta Desk Pillow for Rest while Sitting

  SleeProne Platform for Prone Sleep

End Poor Performance Caused By Drowsiness!

If you need to be alert, Ziesta and SleeProne offer comfortable alternative positions for rest or sleep. Even a lightning search of the Net shows that good sleep makes you happier, safer, sexier, and longer lived.  VivaFina products optimize performance by expanding your options, putting you in control.     

Extended Prone Positioning: Rest Face Down

SleeProne is a “bed-friendly” collection of pillows for superior rest in the face-down “prone” position.  Hours-long comfort is now merged with convenience. Key features include:

Natural position - no neck & lower back contortions & no pressure on your tummy or breasts

Ziesta face pillow for free breathing while face down

Light weight & minimal footprint

High adaptability to special needs              Learn more about SleeProne

Low price                                                    Get your own SleeProne  

Seated Sleep: Nap Where You Are  

Rest your head on Ziesta when seated for a new dimension in portable rest. Naps are effective in reducing sleep debt. Ziesta lets you sleep comfortably almost anywhere; anytime.  It is inexpensive and nearly weightless. You choose when it is time to take a nap.                               Learn more about Ziesta

Excellent for Students & Travelers!               Get Your Ziesta now

SleeProne - convenience & extended comfort for prone rest

SleeProne makes prone rest comfy for hours. It is convenient, inexpensive & such a relief!

Sound prone positioning for home & clinic is a godsend for back, neck & shoulder issues   

Ziesta - perfect pillow for seated sleep

Power Nap anytime with this unique pillow. Fall asleep quickly wherever you can put your head down.

Nap when and where you want to with Ziesta!

Ziesta & SleeProne:

Be Alert, Powerful & Happy with Our New Sleep Alternatives

Finely Crafted, Unique Products, and Honest Service from VivaFina

With superior conformal cushioning, SleeProne & Ziesta offer unique alternatives for the rest you need to be on top of your game.  Quality of sleep affects many facets of life, & VivaFina aims to keep you well rested.

NOTE: consult with health care professionals if you are experiencing pain or unfamiliar sensations.  In preparation for the appointment, review our “Enemies of Sleep” page, which provides info & links about sleep, its deficit & dangers. The joys of hygienic sleep are harshly reinforced by the costs of drowsiness, so make sure you are on the right side of that!